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    Salsa dance classes in Sydney: enjoyable classes with expert teachers

    At Sydney Dance World, we provide salsa dance lessons to North Shore and Northern Beaches locals who want to learn this exciting dance in a fun and supportive environment.

    Salsa Dance Classes Terms for Beginners :

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    About the Dance

    The movements we teach are based on the original dance movements from the Cuban Son dancing of the 1930s. This dance was heavily influenced by the beat of Son Montuno and the dances of Danzon, Mambo, and Guaguanco – along with many other types of Afro-Cuban folk dancing.

    There are a number of different styles of salsa dancing, many of which developed as a part of local culture and based on geographical diversity and cultural influences. Among these are Cali-style (from Colombia), Cuban-style ("Casino"), LA-style, New York-style, and Puerto Rican-style – all of which are taught in our salsa dance lessons in Sydney.

    Salsa is the most popular partner dance in the world! Once you learn to lead and follow you can enjoy this dance anywhere!


    Learn to have fun with dancing

    We offer affordable salsa dance lessons in Chatswood, Crows Nest, Artarmon, Mosman, North Sydney and Manly. Once you have mastered the basic steps and movements, you will learn to develop your own individual style and do what the dance was created for – to express yourself and have fun.

    Whether you’re a regular at our salsa dance classes or it’s your first class in the North Shore/Northern Beaches – the most important thing to remember is that Salsa is meant to be enjoyable!

    Once we have taught you the basic steps – which most people find relatively easy to learn – the dance relies on your ability to relax, have fun and interpret the music in your own way.


    What you should know about our salsa dance classes in Sydney:

    When you attend salsa dance classes in Chatswood, there are a few things you need to know before you show up for your first salsa dance lessons. Most of them have to do with what you should be wearing for your salsa dance lessons in Sydney. Salsa is a very active dance and as you have no doubt seen the clothes that many dancers wear are quite stunning. While these clothes are perfect for the dance floor, they are not so practical in salsa dance classes.


    What to wear:

    It is best to wear casual, comfortable clothing which allows you the freedom to move. 


    For the Ladies:

    For the ladies we recommend wearing comfortable dance wear such as lycra leggings, leotard tops, t-shirts and singlet tops, dance skirt over leggings. You can wear heels or flat shoes but make sure that your footwear is secure on your feet. ie - no flip flops or slip in shoes. 


    For the Men:

    For the men we suggest casual wear such as jeans and shirt or t-shirt, leather work shoes or leather slip-on shoes or boots. You may find runners or sport shoes have a fair amount of grip on the floor and you won't be able to spin – and no flip flops please!

    To find out more about our salsa dance classes in Sydney’s North Shore – including in Chatswood, Mosman, Crows Nest, Artarmon, Willoughby and North Sydney – contact us today!



    Release of Liability :

    By registering to attend any Sydney Dance World Dance classes, Private lessons or any orginised events, you agreed to the Release of Liability Agreement:

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    3. I understand that it is my responsibility to advise the instructor of any injuries or if I am pregnant so the instructor can provide suitable modifications where required.

    4. In consideration of being permitted to participate in Classes/lessons/events, I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which I might incur as a result of participating in the lessons/classes/events.

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