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About Us

Who we are

    Sydney Dance World

    Sydney Dance World has been making people move, connect and express since 2011. Under the new ownership of Laura Caloia since 2017, Sydney Dance World has aimed to reach more people, inspire more people and bring together more people in the name of dance. 


    Sydney Dance World specialises in bridal choreography, Corporate events and entertainment for all tastes. We offer private lessons in street Latin dance, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and choreography. We also can provide costumes, rhinestones and anything dance. Sydney Dance World aims to help people connect to others and connect to dance in a way that moves them in every way!

    Sydney Dance World runs choreography courses all year round!  We offer choreographies in many different styles so you are bound to find something that makes you want to move!  At the conclusion of our choreography courses, the routines are performed at festivals, parties and events and even turned into film clips!

    Feel free to go to our 'Contact us' page if you have any questions or queries.