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About Us


    Dedication - Perspiration - Inspiration


    At Sydney Dance World we want to inspire you - and with Latin music - your feet won't be able to keep still!

    Latin Dance is the best way to keep fit, have fun and make lifelong friends.  We have seen it change the lives of so many and we aim to make the world a happier, healthier, friendlier place through dancing.

    Sydney Dance World is a place for you to call home too, for you to forget about your stresses and for you to let your love of dance blossom.

    From beginners to advanced, we cater to all levels.  We run classes, workshops, socials and have a competition program also.  In addition, we can help you with your special day by choreographing a unique routine for you and your partner and we can even entertain you on the night!

    Dance sees no limits and neither do we!

    See you on the dancefloor,

    Pascale Dernocoure
    Director of Sydney Dance World