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About Us


    When can I start?
    We have classes running all the time. Please check our timetable or contact us for more information.

    Do I need a partner to learn to dance?
    Not at all.  For couple dance classes (such as salsa and bachata) everyone rotates around a circle.  So you will always have a partner and you will also meet everyone in the class - it's more fun that way! 

    How long is a dance lesson?
    Lessons are 1 hour long.  Private Lessons and Wedding Dance lessons can be extended upon request but are still charged by the hour.  Corporate or functions are negotiable depending on how you would like to shape your event.

    I have two left feet; will I be able to learn?
    We have never come across anyone who can't learn to dance. Our highly qualified instructors will bring out things in you that you cant even imagine!

    Can I take only private lessons?
    Absolutely. Our highly qualified instructors offer private lessons in a variety of styles. Please see our Private Lessons for more details.

    How many people are in your group lessons?
    Typically we have from 10-30 participants per group.

    How much do lessons cost?
    Please see our pricing list or contact us for more information.

    How do I book?
    You can sign up through this website which will take you through to a mindbodyonline booking page or you can call us on 1300 841 457

    What do I wear?
    It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in or clothes you might exercise in.  Dance shoes are encouraged but otherwise shoes that you can easily move in.